• Okay so one thing I want to hear Nicolas Cage say is “Have you seen Wicker Man?! My face got eaten by bees!” This will be on my mind until it happens.
  • Lucinda, stop being so weird
    • Autocorrect helped with that, more than I am comfortable admitting
  • They need a lot of storage for all 50 time capsules
  • That’s a lot of numbers
  • Hey its little Wednesday Addams!!
  • Ominous music is ominous
  • Bloody fingers! Here, have a band-aid
  • Is this really? The best way to open this movie??
  • Dude, is this how they think of kids today? This little kid is outrageous!!!
  • Nic Cage got schooled by a kid..  And brilliantly schooled.
  • Bitching hearing aids!!!
  • He is so sophisticated, like fuck
  • Brilliant professor, mr cage.
  • Holy shit this sounds like religious indoctrination
  • Late because he can’t stop talking
  • How did they make the old lady so damned creepy?!
  • These  kids aree so ravenous!!! This is savage
  • Poor deaf kid, got stuck with a very intense daddy…
  • Clive Owen would kill Nicolas Cage if he were in this movie for doing the slurp thing
  • He is writing random numbers,
  • Needlessly making a mess, so he can edit and copy out numbers
  • Kay calm down on the suspense sheesh
  • I literally just screamed at my tv: “YOU ARE NICOLAS CAGE, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AWKWARD!!”
  • Wow, skeptical dick of the year award is trying to ruin the movie.
  • This concept came out of someone’s brain
  • So odd… how dare nic cage make the old lady
  • They just gave the little boy a pebble… dafuq
  • Yeahz jeeze, he’s a vegetarian and that’s just who he is
  • Holy shit the world is going to hell in a fucking handbasket
  • Hey, asshole, put the cellphone down
  • Oh he is a huge asshole to just leave his phone like that
  • Jet fuel can’t melt cement
    • Wait… can it?!
  • How did anyone survive that incident?!?
  • We didn’t start the fire!
  • He looks constipated
  • Dude should have great parenting skills
  • Seriously, fucked right up. This kid owned his ass
  • Soo. Latitude and longitude have always been the same?!?!
  • Umm, the kid has his mother
  • Sscientific mind, of course!
  • This kid is having a really bad trip
  • Uh, what kind of apocalypse is this
  • Critters burn real good
  • Okay, in all honesty, that animals and moose bit was too much. And less hilarious because moose not with squirrel!
  • We really didn’t start the fire!!!
  • Calm down you over actor
  • Oh because this doesn’t scream stalker enough as it is
  • He went this far out of his way, with his son, to find this woman???
  • Best friends forevarrrrr
  • Wait. She was really interested in him
  • Nic Cage doesn’t beg!!!
  • “This is not a crank call!” You know who says that?! Someone making a crank call!
  • Nic Cage does not look badass…
  • Oh noes, a man in black
  • Did they steal the train scene from the matrix?
  • It just keeps going and going and going
  • And going
  • And going
  • Fuck
  • Almost looked like a zombie movie there
  • PATRIOTISM!!!!!!
  • Look at dem side-abs!
  • He has an amazing perma-brood
  • When and how did we get here?
  • Insert Snow White jokes
  • Goodbye horses
  • Oh it’s the pebble again
  • So many pebbles
  • Fucking aliens?!
  • Kid is crazy, but he isn’t stupid
  • Oh he got his gun!!!!
  • Blinded by the light!
  • Ohhhhhhh he is so logical
  • “Honey, why do you sleep in their bed more than ours?”
  • He is a man on a mission
  • He is crashing, so hard
  • Suuuuper regretful, isn’t she?!
  • Theyyyyy’re here
  • See, Nic Cage, you are awkward incarnate.
  • I have a prophecy, it’s about to be proven accurate, I need you to respect it, and receive it as the truth
    • That is actually in this
  • They write his character so awkwardly
  • His dad just wanna get some before the world ends
  • Kid should have lost his nails holy effffffff
  • I hope the person in charge of properly balancing sound effects, music and vocal volumes. Everything is louder than the dialogue
  • He has gone so wild right now
  • The Fast and the Nicolas
  • It amazes me to think that even Grand Theft Auto hasn’t gone this bad, AND THEY MAKE YOU TORTURE SOMEONE
  • It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine
  • He is moving on, very fast
  • To what end do the aliens do this shit?? They clearly operate outside of the 4th dimension, why play these games?? Why exterminate all but a very select few of a species??? Why not just remove them from their planet?
  • It’s a wee little bunny!!
  • Such a big choice
  • I’m not telling you what to do, but I am going to tell you the direction I want you to take
  • How is that even a ship???
  • Why are you looking directly into the light?!
  • Okay so you exist in a dimension that allows you to communicate to us a series of events, not in a chronological order, but still choose to save only a handful, while leaving 7 billion to die
  • This isn’t the end, – uh motherfucking yes it is. The world literally is about to go all smithereens and y’all vaporized. Gone.
  • More than extra crispy
  • Holy shit, is that the magnetic field ripped away?!
  • It’s a big fuckin’ tree
  • That was a hell of a thing

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