Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark

• Omg, that was definitely a whale that did that, though how is that fucking possible to hurl a tugboat?  ○ Heh, tug

• Multicultural news! Huzzah

• Are we going to address the giant octopus?!

• These actors are bad for even a porno

• Jessus she is gonna fuck him, isn’t she?!

• We have the technology, we can build him

• Nuclear?!? I sense tropes and bingo coming

• Oooo crazy person who has a severe personal attachment to the cause

• Wat

• Is that a white guy trying to be Rob Schneider???

• This girl looks very sunken

○ Is that an attempt at hydropun? Yes.

• Wait a second!!!! She was the lady love from Nightmare Before Christmas

• Pearl Harbour?! Are they trying to reignite fears of the japanese?!?

• This locker room is so poorly designed

• Seriously

• Some lockers cannot physically be opened!!!

• This whole scene is one long continuity error

• They switch betweem 2 angles and… her hand is not in the same place twice

• He is significantly older than her

• One aggressive beast. Wow

• What if the shark tries to mate with mechashark

• I don’t know shit about shark mating habits

• Or anatomy

• Lights, cameras, bitchin’ technology!!! (NICK CAGE)

• How does that eye thing even work??? It isn’t even in her line of sight

• Wow, sharks have technical moves

• Beast has been taaaagged

• Omg I am actually afraid of drowning in a submarine

• Nero… so important

• This man is a forest whitaker without the eye thing, and is a heavy smoker

• Why will no one let the man smoke???

• Feeney! Feeeeeeeenay!!!!!! Fuh-he-he-he-heeney!!!!!

• Oh she has a bottle of booze she must haves a probleeeeeem

• This reporter looks very tired

• Why will no one let her sleep?

• 3 days no sleep.

• This is night rider, but with a giant shark instead of a car

• Holy fuck

• Wait, AI is a thing now too?!

• Giant robot and giant shark

• Wow

• This movie promised, AND delivered

• Oil spill too?! Well fuck this world is fucked.

• How were they able to generate the force to get to the plane’s alitutde?!

• Sweet jesus


• Holy shit, she just did that??!

• Yeah, inspirational man is inspirational

• Cold hard bitch, you know, the song

• What the shiiiiiiiiiiit is with that static?!

• Wow that giant robot shark is a masterpiece

• Hello, Dave. Negative, Dave. FEENEY IS NOW HAL!

• That shark displaces no water, at all. Ever. Evolution, man.

• His subordinates are more confident than he is

• Their info screen tells actually nothing

• This shark is part antman, he keeps shifting sizes

• Holy shit can this poor woman ever get a day off?! She deserves a nap people, a 16 hour nap, followed by a 10-minute pee break, half an hour to eat, 2 hours of whatever she wants, another 15 minutes to eat, then cleans up, brushes teeth etc and then another nap for as long as she needs. This one will probably be less than 16 hours but I think when getting yourself rested it is important to also take a bathroom break for sanitation reasons.

• That was a struggle to type out

• I am not surprised that this movie barely has just over 1 star on netflix.

• Holy fuck it will purely be a robot shark versus a giant shark

• Montaaaaaaaaage

• Dogfight!!!

• Wait, I didn’t see the interracial porn tag

• Holy shit this shark is a gigantic fuckboy, pissed of because he expects sex

• She has been kept awake for a whole other day for your movie you sick sons of bitches

• And now you’re making her talk to a reptilian?!

• What an unattractive and featureless person

• He is going to say m’lady to her at dome point, isn’t he?!


• Ooooo, techy talk!

• Feeney is fiesty!!!

• Uh, daytime loop??

• “No need to worry folks, this is just an exercise!”

• That shark has mastered the belly flop

• Holy shit this little girl should have been warned about strangers

• Hey, did you guys hear that distraction?!

• Ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word

• Holy shit, you mean to tell me that this thing was programed to operate like a real shark?!

• He is so not threatening, but the officer he is yelling at isn’t even a fully developed person so he just caves


• He’s quitting, like that…. Who behaves like that??

• That was slow, even for slow motion.

• She finally got to sleep, and then you give her this shit to deal with?!

• ….did that guy have a random chest burster??? You kill a character, somewhat gruesomely, and you don’t even show how he died?!

• Real life Mr Garrison?!

• Holy shit, there is a conversation about mecha shark vs mega shark. They discussed it.

• Is he saying she’s a bad driver because she is a woman??

• This thing is in kill mode, but why is a robot behaving like a shark and tryna eat fleeeeeesh?

• Where did she go???

• Ohhhh she did make it

• Good pep talk coach

• There should be more chaos with the GIANT ROBOT FUCKING SHARK BUT NO

• How does mecha shark turn so suddenly???

• You sunk my battleship, AGAIN

• Baby shark do dooo, do do do do

• Hal is a dick

• How does that shark never end up creating wakes??

• Pink miiiiiiist

• Shark go boooooooom



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